Frequently Asked Questions
For everyone out there who wants to know more about how we operate here at WrapWorldInc, or just want to know more about Wraps in general welcome to our detailed FAQ’s page. If you don’t find it here we recommend Google or Youtube.

Do we offer custom designs?
Yes we do offer custom designs for all of our services. Half down is required to place a custom order, our time is valuable. When the design process begins contact via email and phone will be established between client and our design team. Once the proof is submitted for approval (minor changes available) and approved the graphic is printed and shipped usually within 5 business days. Requested cancellation or drastic artwork changes to any custom order already being processed will have hourly artwork fees applicable to the work completed. The first step to making the image in your head come to life is to contact us. Pricing is on a project by project basis.

What is a vehicle wrap?
A vehicle wrap consists of a design which is developed by our designers, then printed on the best vinyl wrap media and laminate./ Then finally installed or “wrapped” on a vehicle. The wrap is applied directly to the vehicle. Our application is so precise it is often mistaken for a custom paint job.

How is a wrap designed?
Our designers specialize in wrap design. We use the industries best software applications to bring vector and high-res raster images to life. Essentially it involves our designers designing. It’s kind of a mystery really.

How is a wrap printed?
Our printing department takes the files created by our design team and loads it into a RIP (Raster Image Processor) application that the printing technician uses to communicate with the printer. Once the file is loaded and scaled to proper dimension the file then prints. We print the majority of our images using CMYK at 100dpi. Our largest solvent inkjet printer can print up to 60 inches wide.

How do you wrap a vehicle?
Well essentially you don’t wrap it. A professional does. However some of our smaller products like ATV Decal Kits can be installed by anyone. Just read the instructions. For our vehicle wraps we recommend finding a local installer. We do offer install services and if utilized our installers are certified and can handle even the most detailed and intricate wraps. The process is based on project. Boats for example have huge vinyl pieces so they are applied differently then say a fender on a motorcycle. It all breaks down to accurately applying the vinyl to the vehicle.

Can you wrap windows?
Yes you can! We offer a perforated vinyl that allows graphic application to windows while still offering visibility.

Can a wrap be removed?
Yes it can! However we recommend extreme caution when doing this. If your paint job beneath the wrap has cracks in it and things of that nature it can damage the paint by pulling way pieces of the paint as the wrap comes off. When removed correctly there is no damage. In fact the wrap protects the paint while applied.

How long do wraps last?
It all depends on the conditions upon which the wrap is exposed to. Generally 8-10 years.

How do I maintain my wrap?
We recommend hand washing but if you must use a pressure washer be very cautious. No hard surfaces should be rubbed upon the vinyl such as ice scrappers etc.

How long does the whole process take from start to finish?
Usually one week!

What all does WrapWorldInc wrap?
You name it we wrap it!